A Three-Spider Kind of Week

Garden Spider

It’s been a three-spider kinda week here. It could be the heat that’s bringing them indoors, but I’m not sympathetic to their plight. As someone who’s pretty sure she has a bonafide spider phobia, it’s left me nervously glancing at ceilings and walls periodically, wondering if every little movement I see (or imagine I see) is of the hairy, eight-legged sort. What’s worse is we lost one in the family room last night, so I know it’s in here with me, probably goggling me with its eight beady little eyes right now as I write.

This experience reminds me of a day I spent hiking at the Big Trees Forest Preserve in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Armed with my camera, I climbed over a fence into some tall grasses, looking to get a better angle at some flowers I wanted to photograph. There, near my ankles, was what looked like a thick line of dental floss strung horizontally across several feet. I peered at it in puzzlement. It reminded me of trip lines I’d seen in old Vietnam war movies. Then I had a creeping feeling that it could be something I really didn’t want to see.  Continue reading