Pantry Makeover and Organization

Our pantry has been bugging me for a LONG time, and Craig (boyfriend/partner) and I have spent the last few weeks gradually renovating our tiny pantry on a very small budget.

As some background, we normally have one or two renters, which means storage space for four of us is at a premium. Our pantry doubles as a utility closet (what builder didn’t think anybody would need a broom closet or coat closet??).  More about that later.  Continue reading

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to the relaunch of my new and improved website and blog! My name is Liora Hess, and I’m so excited to share with you my passions, which include around art, writing and intentional living.

I have so many ideas about the things I want to share with you that I can’t wait to get started.

Have blog post ideas? Please share in comments or send me an email. I really do want to hear what kind of content you’d like.