A Three-Spider Kind of Week

Garden Spider

It’s been a three-spider kinda week here. It could be the heat that’s bringing them indoors, but I’m not sympathetic to their plight. As someone who’s pretty sure she has a bonafide spider phobia, it’s left me nervously glancing at ceilings and walls periodically, wondering if every little movement I see (or imagine I see) is of the hairy, eight-legged sort. What’s worse is we lost one in the family room last night, so I know it’s in here with me, probably goggling me with its eight beady little eyes right now as I write.

This experience reminds me of a day I spent hiking at the Big Trees Forest Preserve in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Armed with my camera, I climbed over a fence into some tall grasses, looking to get a better angle at some flowers I wanted to photograph. There, near my ankles, was what looked like a thick line of dental floss strung horizontally across several feet. I peered at it in puzzlement. It reminded me of trip lines I’d seen in old Vietnam war movies. Then I had a creeping feeling that it could be something I really didn’t want to see. 

I didn’t move my feet, instead letting my eyes follow the line in front of me where I was met face-to-face with the most enormous spider I’ve ever seen in person. Being terrified of spiders but someone who appreciates beauty in nature, I got as close as I dared (which was much closer than my comfort levels!) and examined the spider and her interesting zigzag web through the lens of my camera.

To this day, I’m a bit disturbed by this photo, but the garden spider (Argiope aurantia) is an amazing creature that many would call beautiful. She (her image, anyway) is available in my stores and has been especially popular on things like Avery binders, which would make a good gardening journal or binder in science class. As always, I’m happy to customize any item in my Zazzle shop, so if you’d like your own words, images, or colors added, I can do that for you for free. Come check out all of the Garden Spider products in my Zazzle shop.

2 thoughts on “A Three-Spider Kind of Week

  1. Margaret says:

    I can admire the beauty of webs without wanting anything to do with spiders. I paid to have the exterminators come to deal with my tiny ants and asked them to do spiders too, since I found a large one in my master closet a few days ago. I am fine with them outside, but don’t appreciate them coming into MY territory. For some weird reason, I’m more scared of earwigs. What a great photo! You’re very brave.

  2. liora says:

    Just yesterday a friend told me that the recent surge in spiders around our house is likely due to the high ant population right now. Craig sprayed for ants and spiders, and hopefully things will improve. Our pool is full of dead spiders–eww! I won’t ask how large the one in your closet was; just the thought of a spider gives me the creeps, and I’ve heard you get some big ones in Washington. I’m not brave–just used that zoom on the camera and tried to get out of there fast! Haha

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