My Spiritual Smashbook

On Friday I uploaded a new video to my channel. This was an updated flip-through of my Spiritual Smashbook. If you’re unfamiliar with Smashbooks, they’re basically mini-scrapbooks to which you can add whatever you like. Mine is a work in progress with quite a bit of room remaining.

The goal of my Spiritual Smashbook is to have one place filled with uplifting speeches, poetry, song lists, verses, prayers, quotations and more. Since I’m typically pretty minimalistic in my daily journal, the Smashbook is where I’ve chosen to let my hair down and go a little crazy with fonts, stickers, washi tape and more.

Please check out my video below as well as let me know in the comments if you keep a spiritual journal and what kinds of things you include in your journal. I’m always looking for new inspiration!


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Here’s a recent video I made about my Moleskine planner:

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